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Hello and welcome, plant enthusiasts and curious souls! 🌿

My name is Amber, and I’m the editor behind the content you will find on this website. amber plantadore

Houseplants vibe up our spaces and clean our air, and let’s be real—watching a new leaf unfurl is the kind of drama we all need—but plant care can often feel discouraging.

There are so many nuances to keeping plants happy that it’s easy to fail and give up on keeping houseplants altogether.

But here’s the good news!

From succulents to monsteras, and even those finicky calatheas, I promise you – you can make your plants flourish and build a happy, mesmerizing plant collection.

I will do my best to show you how.


What You’ll Find Here


Whether you have a pressing plant question, looking for adore-worthy plants, or just need a good dose of greenery today, know that you are welcome and appreciated here on Plantadore.

  • For new plant parents: set your new plants up for success with foundational houseplant care tips.
  • For seasoned plant lovers: explore deeper, see what’s trending, and refine your plant techniques.
  • For the aesthetes: bask in aesthetic plant visuals and perhaps get inspired to start or grow your own green family.

Fun fact: in Spanish, the word ‘plantadore’ also means a “plant pot”!


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Stay rooted and keep growing!

Warmly, Amber 🌿